Educational Consulting: Private high school and college

Lasta Group offers educational consulting for admittance into private boarding high schools and competitive colleges in the USA. Private high schools and colleges in the USA are very expensive, but many institutions offer academic and athletic scholarships for international students, as well as financial aid to deserving candidates. Lasta Group will help qualified students and competitive athletes find the best scholarship opportunities, as well as walk students through the complicated process of applying to schools in the USA. 

To find out more about the difference in our High School Exchange USA J-1 visa and private boarding high school F-1 via opportunities, please click here.

Our services for private high school and college consulting include:

  • Initial assessment of qualification for USA private high school or university
  • TOFEL and SAT preparation
  • Development of timeline and major milestone calendar for applications (standardized testing dates, applications for early and regular admission, etc.)
  • Development of “reach, possible, probable” list of schools based on scholarship and financial aid opportunities for international students
  • Assistance in completion of high school or college applications
  • Essay revisions
  • CV development
  • Interview preparations
  • Visa preparations


Serious candidates for private boarding high schools and colleges in the USA should either be at the top of their academic class or highly competitive student athletes. Students should also have a strong grasp of the English language, which will be assessed by Lasta Group using an English language placement test.