About Us

Lasta is the Montenegrin name for the country’s popular swallow bird, which migrates across continents. And that’s exactly what we’re helping students and young professionals do!

At the Lasta Group, we use our connections in the USA to provide Montenegrin students with best-in-market academic and work opportunities.

We have real, first-hand experience studying, living and working in the USA. As a cross-cultural household, we understand the challenges Montenegrin students face when entering the USA market, as well as solutions to overcome those challenges.

There is vast opportunity once you gain experience in the USA, but how to get there can be overwhelming. We will walk you through the ins and outs of the complicated big stuff, like the J-1 visa, how to obtain healthcare, and what’s up with American taxes, as well as the smaller stuff, like how to find the best flight options, what’s this thing called Uber, and why are American coffees the size of your head?

Molly Biddiscombe is an American who grew up on the East Coast of the USA. After graduating from Colby College, she spent eight years in New York City working for global clients like Procter & Gamble, the National Football League, PUMA, and Frito-Lay at a marketing and communications agency. In 2018 she relocated to Podgorica to live with her husband Balša. She brings her experience living and doing global business in the USA to Lasta Group.

Balša Čavlović went to high school in the USA on a J-1 visa and lived with a host family in Michigan. After graduating from college in Podgorica, he started his career in capital markets doing business with American investors. He has since grown his experience in the Montenegrin market and is currently CEO of PLC Morača, as well as Chairman as HTP Trend Korali.

Molly and Balša met at a wedding in the U.S. when Balša’s American host brother married Molly’s New York City roommate.